Medigap 2018

Medigap may be changing, and when it comes to Medigap, those changes usually have to do with coverage. If you aren’t familiar with Medigap it is insurance that supplements Medicare, essentially filling in gaps that regular Medicare leaves for subscribers to pay. Medigap 2018 may be a bit different from the Medigap of today, and we’ll look at how that may be.

Now coverage does not change a lot for these supplemental plans. Medicare has laid out the coverage in detail of reach pan. It then allows individual insurance companies to sell those plans, letting them set their own rates and make certain provisions regarding requirements for coverage (such as requiring a doctor’s referral for some coverage items).


Medigap 2018


Medicare gives those insurance companies some free reign, but it ensures that they do not change the coverage put in place. Only Medicare can do that, and it has done so in the past. Changes to the plans in the past have included modifying how much coverage each plan has, which plans are being offered and what coverage items each plan will feature. Now Medicare made it clear that not changes will be happening until at least the beginning of 2017.

Medigap 2018That bodes ominously for some Medicare subscribers. They expect an announcement like that means changes are on the way, but they don’t necessarily have to be. Medigap 2018 could be the same set of plans that we have now, with no changes to them and all the plans intact. Or it could be a very different lineup, but that is more unlikely. The odds (and Medicare’s past performance) point to a change up that is most inconsequential. A nip here and a tuck there will be all that is expected for the organization.

After all, not as many people are going to be signing up for these plans if major shifts happen every few years. That’s just too much instability for most people to want to put up with. They will try to find different ways to cover their medical expenses. So what you will probably see are some very minor changes and a relatively unchanged lineup of plans for 2018.

Medigap Plan F for 2018 – 100% Coverage Still

Out of the available plans, Plan F will probably still come out on top. It’s been the most popular plan for most of the years it has been in place, and that is unlikely to change. It’s popularity obviously comes from the fact that it offers full coverage- something no other supplement plans can boast.

But the Medigap plans that don’t offer full coverage, which is the rest of them, are often plans with better value. Plans like G and N offer nearly as much coverage as their full-coverage counterpart, but usually at a great reduction in price. This is something that many Medicare subscribers are catching on to, and it is something you should be aware of as well.

As you examine the Medigap 2018 plans, be sure you are looking at the entire lineup. Even if you need a lot of coverage, Plan F is probably too much. Compare not only the coverage offered but also the price for the pans too to see which one fits you best.


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